Information Security Services in Russia

In today’s world, it is very important to ensure reliable protection of information in organizations. SKB Kontur offers a range of services in this area to help make a company’s operations more secure. Let’s take a close look at what SKB Kontur’s information security portfolio includes.

Audit of PII Processing Systems

One of the key services is an audit of personal data processing systems. This is a set of works to check the compliance of the personal data processing system with the requirements of Russian legislation.

As part of this service, SKB Kontur experts:

  • Analyze business processes related to personal data
  • Describe the composition of personal data and the purposes of its processing
  • Make a list of departments and employees working with such data
  • Analyze information systems and technical means of processing personal data
  • Check for required documentation and information security tools
  • Provide recommendations to remedy identified inconsistencies

This service is required for passing inspections by supervisory authorities and ensuring the security of personal data in accordance with the law.

Information Security Audit

Another popular service is an information security audit of the company. It includes assessing the current level of security for compliance with industry and international standards.

As part of the audit, SKB Kontur experts:

  • Analyze documentation for compliance with information security standards
  • Check the security of the corporate network
  • Model threats and possible data leakage channels
  • Perform system penetration testing using pentests
  • Provide recommendations for improving protection

This audit is needed to identify information security vulnerabilities and address them in a timely manner.

Protection of Personal Data

Another important area is a set of services for ensuring the protection of personal data.

SKB Kontur experts can:

  • Conduct an audit of the current personal data protection system
  • Develop missing documentation
  • Configure required information security tools
  • Provide consulting on creating a personal data protection system from scratch
  • Provide technical support for the system during operation

These services guarantee compliance of personal data processing with legislative requirements and security of that information.

Audit of Critical Information Infrastructure

SKB Kontur also conducts audits and categorization of critical information infrastructure (CII) facilities. This work includes:

  • Describing information systems and critical processes
  • Identifying CII facilities
  • Determining the significance level of CII facilities
  • Preparing notifications for supervisory authorities

This service meets the requirements of the Russian law on CII security.

Assistance in obtaining FSB and FSTEC licenses

SKB Kontur has extensive experience in preparing documents and obtaining FSB and FSTEC licenses, which are required for working with confidential information protection and encryption tools.

As part of this service, SKB Kontur experts can:

  • Provide consulting on licensing issues
  • Assess a company’s readiness to obtain a license
  • Assist in preparing required documents
  • Conduct certification of information systems

This will allow you to easily pass inspections and obtain a license.

Penetration Testing

Another useful service is penetration testing or pentest. Experts simulate hacker attacks to find vulnerabilities in the system from the inside.

Based on the results of pentesting, the customer receives a report with identified vulnerabilities and recommendations for fixing them. This allows you to truly secure the system against hacking.

Certification of Information Systems

SKB Kontur conducts mandatory certification of information systems before obtaining FSB and FSTEC licenses.

As part of the certification, compliance of the system with requirements for the protection of personal data, state secrets, and other confidential information is checked.

A certificate of conformity valid for 3 years is issued based on the results. This is required for legally working with protected information.

SKB Kontur offers a wide range of services for integrated information security assurance. This allows creating reliable protection for any type of organization and passing all the necessary checks. By contacting SKB Kontur, you can be sure your data is secure and compliant with legal requirements.